Episode 2 – CardBoard Laptops

In this episode we cover:

  • Elgato working off of m.2 to PCIE riser
  • Hyperspin vs emulation station vs launchbox
  • Tattoos
  • Anime
  • Owning raspberry pi 4
  • Is Conflict in Gaming necessary?
  • Our 4 player cocktail project
  • Were you popular in Highschool?
  • Will you ever leave Boston?

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Wild Wild West

 This episode we cover:

  • The release of the Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Restraints of Windows vs Linux for arcade play.
  • WIFI ready Arcades.
  • MMORPG vs Competitive online games.
  • Launchbox at the boot of Windows.
  • Devs considering joy support when they make a platformer or arcade like game.
  • Our new Mission of tier pricing, or pricing on hardware and rom packs.
  • Whether or not the exposure of parsec will introduce the capability of the three competing systems incorporating that technology into the specs of their new systems.